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Project Description
A WPF user control that allows dynamic creation of controls on a canvas.
At runtime, users can add, remove or change controls on your canvas (like textboxes, checkboxes, drop downs etc).
Try the demo app !!

August 19 2011: new video's on

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Screen Casts:


Quick Instructions:

If you download the DemoApp, please make sure you unblock the zipfile in windows before extracting (Properties->Unblock).


Reference the dll in your project and use the control.

Add a merged dictionary in your app.xaml



		<ResourceDictionary Source="pack://application:,,,/BeeCoders.Tools.ControlCanvas;component/Resources/Dictionary.xaml" />


In Code:


                new ResourceDictionary
                    Source = new Uri("/BeeCoders.Tools.ControlCanvas;component/Resources/Dictionary.xaml", UriKind.RelativeOrAbsolute)

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